Raymond Yap

Our Principal Consultant - Raymond Yap

With over 27 years of experience in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Raymond is a seasoned expert in the field. He began his journey when he was appointed as an end-user ERP project manager on top of his management roles in a manufacturing company. He later joined the ERP vendors and advanced his career from consultant to senior manager. This diverse background gives Raymond a unique perspective on the needs and concerns of companies looking to improve their operations through ERP, as well as an in-depth understanding of the capabilities and realistic expectations of various ERP providers. His hands-on experience in user and vendor environments makes him well-equipped to guide clients through selecting and implementing an ERP system that meets their business needs.

Consulting and Training Services for ERP Users and Companies

1st ERP Consulting provides the following Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) consulting and training services to potential and existing ERP users and companies:

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Raymond Yap

Our Principal Consultant

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